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The Kids Kick Back Foundation is an organization devoted to giving back to the people in need. Soccer is the number one played sport in the world with 13 million kids playing only in the US. Some of these kids can't afford cleats and play barefoot, while others throw their's away to get the latest style. Instead of throwing them away or letting them sit in our garages, let's donate them to those in need. Not only soccer cleats are accepted, any type of footwear will make a difference. With the help from Soles4Souls we can change lives one pair of shoes at a time.

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I first heard about an organization called Soles4Souls through my dad’s work. They take used shoes, refurbishes them, and sends them to less fortunate areas and places in need. As a growing soccer player, I have a lot of cleats and running shoes that I have grown out of. I usually end up throwing them away or leaving them in my garage, but after learning about this organization I figured why not send my old cleats to people in need. Soccer is the number one sport played around the world and kids who can’t afford cleats or don’t have access to any are playing barefoot while others have many to donate. I asked my dad and he brought the idea to the headquarters of Soles4Souls. They loved the idea and are now helping us achieve our goals. There are many people who grow out of not only their cleats, but all shoes within months. We can do something good for our community and help those in need while playing the sports we love.

– Samantha Williams

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